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Bounced Emails - Non Delivery Report/Receipt (NDR)
This article describes the subject of Bounced emails, automatic return of the world's various mail servers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL alerting the sender that there is a problem to the deliver the email to the recipient.
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How to increase the opening rate of a newsletter
Newsletter is an important tool for the company's marketing efforts, strengthen the relationship with the customers and to increase customers loyalty. Therefore there is a great importance that the highest possible number of newsletters will be opened and read by customers. Sometimes companies make mistakes that cause the newsletter to be directed to the junk folder of the recipients instead of the inbox. This article presents the rules for creating the newsletter.
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Marketing with an email marketing service
Newsletter is an effective marketing tool, measurable and cheap implemented using emails. Many companies rely on this marketing tool to keep stay in close touch with their customers and send them information directly to their email box.
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Newsletter - Effective marketing tool
Newsletter is an email containing information that is sent to recipients who have expressed their consent to receive information from the delivering company. The newsletter contains information about the company, information about products and services of the company or just a happy birthday / holiday delivery. This marketing tool is inexpensive and efficient allowing the company to stay in touch with its customers and develope them to using other products and services.
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