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About ITnewsletter

ITnewsletter a leading newsletter service.
Email marketing is an integral part of initializing and maintaing a relationship with our customers, and allows the preservation and development of customers efficiently and cheaply.

ITnewsletter newseltter service enables businesses and organizations to update their clients in their activities, find customers interested in certain products or services and increase the amount of sales. By using ITnewsletter, marketers can leverage their marketing efforts and gain new customers or create loyalty and long-term relationship with existing customers.
The online monitoring system allows advanced and innovative means for generating real leads every shipment of an email.

ITnewsletter Main Features:

- Managing different groups of recipients, eg customers, suppliers, employees.

- Management of recipients in each group and for each recipient maintain his contact details..

- Quick and easy loading of recipient lists to the system by Excel files, Webservices and automatic forms.

- Tools for online creation of designed HTML Emails templates.

- Media Server - Manage Stock Photos.

- Create newsletter registration forms that can be adapted to any website.

- Personalization - Create a designed email with a direct personal adderssin to the custome, eg Dear John.

- Send you newsletter to all recipients in various groups with a single click!

- Monitor Activity - Make each recipient to an actual lead using Links2Leads feature:
     Check who read the newsletter and who did not.
     How many impressions were made by each recipient.
     Which links did each recipient clicked on.

- Bounced emails report.

- Automatic unsubscribe link for recipients to opt out of the distribution list.

- Automatic link to view an online version of the email.

- The management interface is a Web interface and does not require installation of any kind.

Join the ITnewsletter marketing revolution!
Now with no setup cost and no commitment period!

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