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Newsletter Tips

Tips for creating effective email marketing campaign
The key to successful email marketing campaign is achieving the highest possible number of recipients to the campaign and then maintaing a strong relationship with them. One of the main methods of email marketing is sending a newsletter regularly to the customers. The newsletter may include information about new products, discounts, promotions or anything that might interest your clients. For this strategy to be effective the newsletter must be built well. This article contains tips for constructing your newsletter.
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14 Tips for HTML-based newsletter
HTML Newsletter is a tool branding the company and its services against its existing and potential customers, but the HTML format newsletter can be a bit tricky. The content should be displayed correctly in dozens of email platforms and software, each has its own nuances.
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The use of ALT tags in HTML-based newsletters
ALT tags help us tell the story of our newsletter when our readers don't allow downloading images in their email client. ALT tags display text describing the image when it is not displayed or when hovering it with the mouse.
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ITnewsletter turns links to leads
Sometimes our newsletter contains several links, banners or text, to products in our site or sites of our partner companies. How many customers have read our newsletter? How many customers were interested in a particular product or service? Who are the clients who were interested in these products? ITnewsletter turns links 2 leads!
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