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ITnewsletter turns links to leads

Sometimes our newsletter contains several links, banners or text, to products in our site or sites of our partner companies. How many customers have read our newsletter? How many customers were interested in a particular product or service? Who are the clients who were interested in these products? ITnewsletter turns links 2 leads!

What is the process performed?
Recipients of the newsletter get it directly to their mail box and their activity is being
monitored on several levels:

Undelivered Newsletters (Didn't reach their destination)
May occur for 4 reasons:

1. Hard Bounce - Mailboxes that do not exist at all, or Mailboxes that existed but were closed.
    ITnewsletter alerts for these Hard Bounce emails and will allow you to manage them - correct spelling
    errors, delete the email or activating the email inspite of the alert.

2. Soft Bounce - boxes temporarily unavailable - for example over quota.

3. Transient - the server address on which the mailbox is stored is incorrect - for example instead

4. Spam - newsletter was detected as spam.

Delivered Newsletters (reached their destination)
The following actions are being taken:

1. The newsletter reached its destination but haven't been opened yet.

2. The newsletter was read by the recipient - ITnewsletter system provides information about the date
    and time the newsletter was read by the recipient and the number of times it was read by the recipient.

3. Links 2 Leads - Advanced monitoring. Graphic designed newsletter will usually include information about the company, information on sales, pictures, Logos and links to the website of the company and its partners. ITnewsletter will monitor and record all activities. ITnewsletter will report how many recipients
clicked on each of the links and who are the recipients who click on each link. This topic is very important
in order to characterize the interests of each client and address him actively. For example, a travel agancy will want to know which vacation destination received most clicks in order to know what are its customers vacation preferences. The detailed report will supply an list of all customers interested in a specific package in order to contact them directly afterwards and make a sale.

In summary,
ITnewsletter newsletter system allows efficient and measurable marketing,
Increasing the number of sales while reducing marketing efforts.

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