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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective method to get people to know the company's products and services.
It is also common to send information about the company's activities in various fields - economic, social etc, in order to maintain a strong relationship its customers.

Email Marketing is a fast and effective method in terms of cost-benefit used to acquire new customers and increase the company's customer capital. The method strengthens the brand and the value in the eyes of people who explicitly requested the information from the company.

A good example of Email Marketing can be a company of interior design. This company can actually
send weekly newsletters containing design articles to people interested in that directly to their mail box.
The prices displayed at the bottom of the article included the design presented in this paper products and relevant promotions. This method actually makes the people listed Newsletter expect the newsletter to be delivered to them so that they can read at their leisure, articles in the field that interests them and purchase their home design products. In the short and long terms consistent profitability improvement can be seen resulting from the use of email marketing.

Email Marketing is implemented today by many companies from all industries and all sizes. Even small businesses understand the potential of this marketing method. Email Marketing actually creates the illusion that the delivering company is a large company and has extensive experience and knowledge and therefore the recipient may turn to it when they are interested in a particular product or service it provides.

ITnewsletter will provide you with everything you need in order to implement Email Marketing.
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